Genuus has attracted some of the best talent in the business. Our Culture embodies the following values.



Collaboration is the cornerstone for delivery of successful projects and eventually resulting in a sustainable business for us. An impetus is given to working in tandem with our client and partner teams, working in concurrence with our internal teams



Quality comes through the introduction and the following of processes. These processes help us reduce Time, Cost and build operational efficiency



Consumers or Users understand messages that are Simple. Everything can be simplified - a symbol, a message, a form, a creative piece. Through the process of elimination, eradicate the unnecessary


Always Surprise!

It’s about the Brilliant Idea that breaks the clutter, the Idea that resolves the creative challenge and the Idea that resonates with the consumer. Surprise the Client, Surprise Yourself for pushing the envelope

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Genuus Sparx

Internship Programme

We invite Bright Sparks to share their brilliance. And also get paid.  We offer a 2-month Summer Internship Programme on projects in Visual Communication & Interactive Design. If you think you’ve got it, email your CV + Portfolio to

Hurry !

Apply Now! Limited seats. We are always on the look for talent.  Email your CV and portfolio to


We believe in an Inclusive and Diverse work environment. We also provide Learning and Development opportunities. If you have that Passion in you to explore that something new. Send us your CV and Portfolio to

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