Case Study : SECURENS


The Challenge

Securens is one the fastest growing start-ups in the IoT (Internet of Things) business. As an emerging Brand, the impetus is to build equity among key stakeholders namely customers, employees, investors, media and partners.

The Approach

This has been one of the most fascinating assignments for us. We function as the Marketing Communication unit for the Brand focussing on External and Internal Communication. A dedicated team of Specialists are assigned to various aspects of the Brand and their individual performance is a determinant of the Business performance of Securens.

The Result

Securens registered a 60% increase in Business Revenue over Year 2015. Introduced 12 unique Servises Brands. 3 ABCI awards for marketing Communication Initiatives.


Strategy & Positioning

Internal Communication

UX Des ign

Marketing Communication

Audio-visual Production

Digital Marketing & Managed Services