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We are an award-winning global marketing services company.

What we love the most, and this comes from hours of engagement, exploration, and execution of marketing campaigns - is our ability to help companies:

  •    Increase Revenue
  •   Generate Leads
  •   Reduce Sales Cycles
  •    Improve the buyer’s experience
  •    Build a pipeline
  •   Cultivate Brand Advocacy

We do so with a team of experts in

  •   Strategic Design
  •   Integrated Marketing
  •   Inbound Marketing
  •   Content Marketing
  •   B2B Marketing
  •   Omni-channel strategies
  •   Marketing Technologies (Martech)
  •   Account Based Marketing
  •   CRM optimisation
  •   Digital Asset Management
  •   Marketing automation
Increase Revenue With Account based Marketing (ABM) – Genuus
Asset management Kurate – Genuus

What is Digital Asset Management - KURATE?

Let’s first understand- what are digital assets? Digital and media assets prove to be an integral part of every marketing communication. These assets basically comprise of audio, video, document, graphic, multimedia, website content files to name a few.


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