What is Digital Asset Management – KURATE?

19 APR 2019 625 Views

Let’s first understand- what are digital assets?

Digital and media assets prove to be an integral part of every marketing communication. These assets basically comprise of audio, video, document, graphic, multimedia, website content files to name a few. The efficient storage, administration, organisation and retrieval of these assets is known as Digital Asset Management or DAM in short. Digital marketing is now gaining prominence and Digital Asset Management software contribute to the curation of content that is essential for a brand’s marketing.

Delivering consistent corporate branding is now possible with Digital Asset Management software. Digital Asset Management provides users with benefits such as

  • Time and Cost Efficiency
  • Maintains brand consistency
  • Develops collaboration and breaks silos
  • Gives maximum Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Integrates with Content Management Systems

Digital Asset Management, a key enabler in an organization’s digital transformation journey and is relevant to any industry, be it a Financial institution, Pharmaceutical company, Retail Company, FMCG major or IT company. Digital Asset Management software such as KURATE help in improving productivity of teams. The rich features of the tool such as ‘advanced search’ based on metadata usage and keyword tagging, benefit the end-user with precise results. Massive media assets and terabytes worth of digital data storage are managed in an organised way with DAM. Other features include:

  • Advanced DAM platforms such as KURATE facilitate successful data migration and are equipped with Geo-Replication feature for backup of digital assets.
  • KURATE displays assets that are rendered for a particular view e.g. print and web. Users can select download and share their required format, colour, resolution, etc.
  • KURATE provides organizations with a Digital Bank loaded with large digital repository or digital asset library can be grouped. This leads to the possibility of sharing assets with internal and external teams.
  • Downloading, uploading, editing, managing version controls and digital file usage is possible with KURATE.

The best DAM software is equipped with a centralised data repository access that helps in the systematic storage of digital assets. DAM also enables automated creative workflows to ensure productive outputs or end deliverable for any digital artwork. Digital Asset Management enables successful and faster delivery of marketing collaterals such as brochures, leaflets, website content, press ads, etc. Through DAM, agencies and third parties can access relevant digital assets as and when required. Managing your content assets and digital asset repository is no more a challenge. Marketing teams in particular can deliver quality marketing services to their stakeholders.

Ensure a consistent brand image with Digital Asset Management (DAM– KURATE)

Digital Asset Management helps in maintaining brand consistency. As the digital assets are managed in an organised way with the software, the user can maintain consistency for every communication maintained by brands across. Teams can retrieve and share the correct files from the repository of files. Versioning of these files provide no scope of errors for users.

Get the ideal Return on Investment (ROI) with DAM software

As content assets are properly maintained, the end-results are always productive. Due to brand consistency, the significance and prowess of the brand stands in good stead for its advocates.

A good brand always provides a higher financial valuation for the company. The benefits of using a DAM is measurable and teams using this software have improved productivity by 40%.

To summarize

KURATE Digital Asset Management enables multiple users’ access and thus proves to be a centralised content hub. Multiple users can access and share assets. DAM is highly secure and leverages on the secure features of cloud. It builds operational efficiency as a result of its features and ability to automate workflows relevant to the approval of digital content. As the consumption of digital content grows, so will the necessity of managing digital assets grow. DAM functions as a platform and integrates with various technologies and software that nurture and create content such as CMS, content