Creating visibility for a new product concept

Pillsbury, the leading brand from General Mills, has introduced Pillsbury Fridge Cheese Cake Mix. This is a new concept where the ingredients of the mix are to be mixed and refrigerated to get instant cheese cake without any baking. The brand is available in modern trade. To get consumer attention on this new product in a crowded modern trade store an attractive display unit was designed. The four sided Free Standing Unit (FSU) was designed keeping the display requirement of modern trade and also highlight the chocolate and strawberry flavours in which it was available. The two easy step to make the cake was displayed graphically in the branding area. Doughboy the brand icon of Pillsbury was made into a 3D display to give it a dimension. The mouth-watering cake display unit go the attention the brand needed and got the product moving from the shelves

  • Store Design
  • Merchandising
  • Brand Communication