Time to act on your data loss or difficulty to locate a digital file or deliver the customised output efficiently is NOW!
The solution is the ideal Digital Asset Management platform (DAM) such as KURATE!

In a highly competitive environment, delivering productivity and efficiency is the need of the hour. Brand building is considered important for developing a beneficial customer experience. For systematically managing the brand and interacting with customers, agencies and vendors the association built through multimedia and digital content, website content, images, e-mailers, etc. needs ideal management.

The ideal digital asset management leads to clearer communication and developed brand consistency. Digital asset management also enables quality content marketing services and leads to customized outputs as per the brand’s requirement. It helps establish credibility in the digital marketing spectrum with the organized and efficient management of audio-visual content, website, repositories, etc.

Quick InsightsThe asset management market is estimated to be worth 2.64$ billion this 2019. According to and as per a report by Research and Markets, the sector will develop by 5.7$ billion by 2023. Entrepreneurs must wisely invest in digital asset management platforms for easier administration and qualitative digital marketing services. The Harvard Business Review indicates that usage of digital and online asset management has increased in the past 5 years.

In order to provide the value proposition, the systematic management of digital assets for production of web and print content is more significant. The additional challenges such as multiple channels to communicate and globalization have resulted in the difficulty of managing brand guidelines, positioning documents, product images, design files, artwork files, video and audio files, logos, presentations, and marketing materials. Digital data management platforms can be beneficial when an organization has to deal with multiple brands, big file size access, massive data and projects. Platforms such as KURATE can now develop productivity so that companies take charge of and regulate their brand’s imagery.

Certain Asset Management Softwares work on basis of Application Program Interface and also operate on Cloud platforms. These asset management softwares are beneficial due to their usage of metadata and taxonomy that includes classifying digital content assets. These online asset management platforms also use ‘Software as a Service’.

Here are some other benefits of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform and software –

  1. Time and Cost efficiency for collateral production – Digital asset management platforms such as KURATE and others save the time and money leading to productive output. Several organizations store their data on an FTP server that develops the chances of errors. Asset management softwares with least costs helps in organized and systematic storage of content assets without the need of investing time for finding them. This overall leads to qualitative production of collaterals with accuracy and other outputs. This also reduces the possibility of duplicate content and maintains accuracy. The DAM reduces the cost associated with data loss as the softwares help in proper data maintenance and simple to locate or access.
  2. Develops creativity and production cycles – Efficient storage of digital content assets can help resources in investing more time for developing creativity and productivity. Tools such as Kurate enable the creation of collaterals with a successful workflow and process that gives a creative edge to the organization. Hence organizations can consider digital asset management systems in their marketing toolkit to accelerate their qualitative services
  3. Reduces workflow redundancyDigital Asset Management platforms or softwares allow users to access multiple accounts with ease in interaction. This tool enables multiple users to be on the same page at the same time. This decreases the possibility of redundancies. Along with the emergence of marketing trends, online asset management systems or softwares enable efficient database management and storage for result-oriented business
  4. Develops co-operation and access to important digital content assets – Tools as in data asset management system provide centralized customer data and interaction hub for proper maintenance to digital content assets such as data storage or repositories, website content, multimedia content, etc. This leads to easy access of important assets with permission to download valuable and important materials when required.

    Statistics and reports from MarTech Today indicate that content marketers give more preference towards marketing technologies such as Email marketing to the extent of 76%. Content Marketers prefer Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions and services to the extent of 26% for optimising their content marketing efforts. Content Management Systems are used to the extent of 57%.

    Thus Digital Asset Management Softwares – KURATE will be increasingly used in future for efficient management of emailers, images or other content assets.

  5. Managing brand consistency, marketing proficiency and Return On Investment (ROI) – As data storage and digital asset library become organized, it helps in the maintenance of brand image due to higher control over the brand and its content assets. The most optimized and up-to-date content can be accessed. The digital asset management software helps in conveying reliable messages, imagery, and identity through marketing collaterals or communication. This also conveys better brand values. As brand develops, it attracts the customer’s interest, leading to the customer to invest in a product or service for better sales.

One of the plus points of DAM platforms is that it enables tracking files and reporting that provides administrators with usage details. This benefits the users in studying which content asset holds maximum usage and gives more investment from clients. The usage of DAM software results in accurate storage and leads to quality output. This results in the possibility of client’s investment towards the quality services leading to company valuation.

Online digital asset management and digital asset platforms prove to be beneficial for B2B and B2C content marketing organizations. As collateral production becomes faster, provides access to information and leads to the maximum use of valuable content, online asset management becomes beneficial. Simplifying work with positive outcomes, file storage and automatic conversion in any format, no limitations in terms of quantity, availability of old digital asset library helps in delivering faster and qualitative output in digital media spectrum. This results in positive digital transformation for delivering an output or service that is time-efficient.