Publication:   By: Dolly Mahayan

Genuus, a fast growing Marketing Technology company specialises in building Omni-Channel experiences for their clients. They are a bootstrapped start-up and are in the business from last five years.

In an interaction with exchange4media, Amit Tandon, CEO, Genuus shared his thoughts on the evolution of marketing technology in this digital era.

1- How did the idea of starting Genuus come to you? What were the reasons behind starting the company?
Having worked for years in marketing on large consumer brands, I always felt that there could be a smarter way to capture consumer buying behaviour, engage with consumers and measure the productivity of channels used to promote the brand. Unfortunately, at that time there wasn’t enough, in terms of consultative support, that provided quick insights and allowed us to action faster fixes to our marketing campaigns. Agencies were still discovering digital and technology were nascent to solve complex marketing problems.
We founded Genuus, a marketing technology company, with the purpose of enabling brands to perform better in an Omni channel environment. The decision to do so paid off, as marketers today are investing in building unique and impactful brand experiences.

2- How is technology changing the face of marketing?
An on-demand economy and the advent of multiple devices have transformed the way brands and consumers interact today. Consumers have less time and expect brands to deliver a quality product or service in a convenient and fast manner. Brands, with the help of marketing automation, can connect with consumers in real time, create campaigns and provide personal experiences. Lasting impressions of a brand can be built by using Virtual Reality. Imagine being able to experience driving a car without visiting a showroom or booking a test drive. It is now possible.
The use of Artificial Intelligence can improve efficiency in handling routine yet critical marketing processes such as on-boarding customers. By using technology, marketers can make data-driven decisions and see the results of their actions within no time.

3- The focus on advertising and marketing strategies for a brand requires brands and agencies to work together. How should they work together for effective brand communication with the consumer?

In my view, there is no set formula or approach that can determine success in an engagement between the Agency and the Client to deliver effective Brand communication.
However, there are a few considerations. As time progresses, we will see a lot more transparency and accountability in the working equation between the Agency and the Client. The way we will work in the future will be very different from what it is today.
Collaborative and productivity tools will allow the Client and the Agency teams to co-create content, deliver and measure ROI. Common KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that have been agreed between the Agency and the Client will drive both entities to work in tandem to achieve defined communication goals.

4- How should brands, in your view, innovate? Could you illustrate this with what Genuus has been doing?
Innovations can come by simplifying processes that are essential to the success of a Brand. Ease in the customer onboarding process is a challenge that marketers grapple with. We’ve helped banks and financial institutions implement an integrated customer onboarding solution that allows customers of a bank to open a savings account online within minutes using their Aadhaar details.
We’ve also redefined the delivery of e-commerce services by introducing a software as a service (SaaS) omni channel platform for enterprises, making it painless for them to run an online business at an optimal cost.

5- In terms of advertising, how important is the digital medium for you?
Spends by marketers on digital advertising in India is expected to surpass $1 Billion next year and we’re geared up to manage the increased demand from our clients. We’ve witnessed a growth of 30% in our digital marketing business and expect to experience further growth next year. We have been creating and curating digital content for our clients, mostly branded content. We are also focussed on Performance Management and provide our clients with insights on spend and the right media opportunities by using advanced analytics.

6- What is the road map for 2018?
We will explore more in the Artificial Intelligence space in areas of assisted search, campaign management and product recommendation to customers by e-commerce companies. It will be exciting to see what happens to wearable technology in 2018 and how brands embrace new devices.
We foresee interest in Blockchain technology, particularly in a loyalty platform thus ensuring security, efficiency and cost effectiveness to our clients. To conclude, we believe that we add value to the digital transformation of our client’s business right from the strategic stage to the implementation of the solution.

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